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Best Wireless Mac Backup Drives

Apple users in homes or businesses with multiple Macs to backup love centralized wired and wireless Network Attached Storage - NAS storage. Many of the major hard drive manufacturers provide Wi-Fi and Ethernet connected Mac compatible network drive products.

Now discontinued, there's distinct advantages to purchasing an Apple Time Capsule as your centralized backup source: Excellent integration with OSX Time-Machine backup software, a straightforward Setup Assistant, Apple technical support, and broad, redily accessible documentation. 3rd party network attached drive solutions may prove to be just as reliable and simple to access - many simply preferred the Apple Way of doing things. For many though, getting a new Apple TimeCapsule may mean replacing an existing Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station and external USB backup drive they may already have to consolidate these features into one. For those with a modern AirPort Extreme model connected to an existing USB drive, Apple's AirPort Disk functionality can also function as a wireless, 2-piece remote backup solution.

Mac Wireless Network Drives With AFP Support

AFP - Apple Filing Protocol is a MUST HAVE feature of any Mac network drive solution. AFP properly handles long or unusual filenames and characters that Apple users may have used naming files, and it's important that your wireless NAS Mac backup device can handle these properly, especially in a cross-platform network backup enviroment. Check the technical specifications to insure AFP is one (of several) supported file protocols for reliable OSX TimeMachine backup.

Mac Compatible NAS Drive From Western Digital

The singularly best-selling network attached storage solution - and one of the more elegant 3rd party network backup products is designed with iTunes Server support and other features with Apple computer users in mind. The MyCloud is the ideal cross-platform NAS drive for Mac from WD:

Western Digital MyCloud

1-6TB Storage Capacity
Ethernet and USB 3 Ports

Mac Cloud Drive From Akitio

Newcomer Akitio is taking the Mac storage market by storm with leading edge backup products for USB 3.0, ThunderBolt, ThunderBolt 2 interfaces - as well as Apple compatible NAS Cloud Storage solutions. And they're doing it with incredible STYLE - beautifully designed aluminum enclosures that compiment a MacBook laptop or Macintosh desktop as well!

Akitio My Cloud Mini 1TB

Sleek Elegant Aluminum Drive

Buffalo NAS Mac Drives

Buffalo Technologies has a long track record of good Mac product support. It offers several Apple compatible network backup drive options for Mac and iOS users in it's LinkStation product line - at very affordable price points.
Buffalo LinkStation NAS

1-3 Terabyte Capactiy

Convert A USB Drive Into Network Storage

Already have an external USB drive of some sort? Ipevo delivers a compact, simple gadget to turn ANY existing external USB backup drive into centralized Ethernet connected PC and Mac compatible NAS storage cloud at a low price - around $60. Enjoy remote Mac backup from your MacBook or desktop through your current router's Ethernet port.

Ipevo Mini Network Storage Adapter

Mac, PC and Linux Compatible

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