Best Multi-Interface Combo Drives For Mac Back-Ups

Best Combo Interface Drives For MacOS

External Combo Drives for Apple Computers

Multi-Port Combo Interface Drives For Mac

Combo interface drives remain popular with Apple users who own more than one Mac and like the versatility they offer. USB 3.0 and ThunderBolt combos are now being superceded by USB 3.1 Gen 2 and Thunderbolt 3 combo enclosures. Fading fast are FireWire 800/400 and eSATA interfaces are still available on drives and enclosures for those with a legacy investment or a photo or DV video editing workflow based on those technologies.

Dual Interface Portable Mac Backup Drives

For the utmost in flexibility and a long future of usability, a backup drive that has both a USB 3.x port AND a ThunderBolt interface may be the right purchase option for your Apple computer setup. Even if you have an older Mac, you can leverage the backward compatibility of a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed drive with your legacy USB 2.0/1.1 speed computers - and take advantage of the TunderBolt future on your next Mac. They're also excellent for migrating to a new system, or shared use with various Macintosh or Windows PC computers in your home or office.

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Note: All multi-interface combo drives will simply operate using the port that was first plugged-in. Sadly, you cant use more than one cable connection at a time or have it simultaneously connected - or usable - on multiple computers at the same time. But they do provide interchangability and flexibility of connecting to various Macs (and PC's depending on how the drive is formatted.) They're also imminently useful in bridging the gap between old and new computer systems with different generations of I/O interfaces.

The Future Of Multi-Interface Drives

It remains to be seen if SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Type-C interface really does become the single, unifying computer port it's envisioned to become. In the meantime, literally billions of computer devices with an appalling array of port types, shapes and sizes are the current state. With the exception of the cost of licensing ThunderBolt, it really doesn't cost much to add other drive interface chipsets to support different connectors, so expect combo drives to continue to offer the versatily and flexibility consumers want in Mac compatible storage hardware.

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