Best USB 3.0 Mac Backup Drives For Apple Computers

Mac USB 3.0 Backup Drives

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Laptop-size MacBook backup drives are popular because they're lightweight, compact and self-powered. With 2.5" portable drive mechanisms now available in 1TB, 1.5TB and even 2TB capacities - there's more available storage space than ever in portable drives. USB 3x is now the de-facto interface standard on new models of hard drives for Mac or PC. Switchable interfaces like on Seagate Backup Plus drives offers the ability swap USB 3x connectivity for ThunderBolt, FireWire 400/800, eSata if you desire with separate, optional adapters.

#1 Choice : Seagate Backup+5 Colors - WD DriveLaCie Porsche Portable
Seagate USB 3 Backup+

Optional Interfaces
TBolt - eSATA - FW800
Western Digital USB 3

Up To 2 Terabytes!
LaCie USB 3 Backup Drive

500GB - 2TB Drives

Best USB 3 Hard Drives For Mac Backup

Macintosh users have an eye for performance as well as style. SuperSpeed USB 3 backup drives, accessories and peripherals are the future of your Mac computer setup. Your best long-term TimeMachine and backup drive options will be in either a ThunderBolt or SuperSpeed Apple compatible USB 3 hard drive. LaCie, Iomega, Seagate, Western-Digital and others offer very affordable USB 3 enabled backup solutions to help future-proof your external hard drive purchase.

SuperSpeed USB 3 External Drives On Older Macs

LaCie, Sonnet and CalDigit are the major companies who've written OSX USB3 drivers for Mac and offer SuperSpeed PCI and Express cards for Mac. Explore these Mac Compatible LaCie USB 3 accessories for a possible working SuperSpeed solution on select models of older Macs. Note: you must pair both a LaCie brand card AND one of their external drives - since their SuperSpeed OSX Leopard and Lion drivers are programmed to ONLY work with their products (at this time.)
PCI USB3 Card For Mac ProUSB 3 Laptop DriveMacBook Pro USB 3 ExpressCard
USB3 Card For Mac Pro

2-Port SuperSpeed Card
USB3 MacBook Backup Drive

500GB and 1TB Drives
USB3 Card For MacBook Pro

2-Port ExpressCard/34

Enjoy backward compatibility with legacy USB 2.0 ports now - and move up to dramatically faster speeds in Apple computers that have built-in USB 3 ports and Ivy-Bridge chipset laptop and desktop systems. Somewhat older 15" to 17" MacBookPro with a LaCie 34mm USB3 ExpressCard - or Macintosh Pro tower with a PCI-e USB3 card can support SuperSpeed backups using 3-rd party drives and adapter cards.